Building infrastructure for a rules-based world

About LexHub

The Legal Tech space is fragmented and hard to navigate. Legal knowledge is distributed across numerous sources and formats. The many software tools for legal workflows barely speak to each other. Both the knowledge and tools tend to be duplicated by geography, actor, and usage. This results in a fractured ecosystem with lots of inefficiencies.

In contrast, the state of the art has shifted towards interconnected collaborative platforms. Communication has shifted from point-to-point emails to team-wide chats. Knowledge that used to be published top-down is now open to firm-wide collaboration through tools like Notion. Individuals and companies can even work together publicly on open-source software thanks to platforms like GitHub. At every level, collaboration is moving to be more open, and inclusive.

We believe there is a need for an open legal platform. It would enable people to engage and collaborate on legal workflows at all scales. Communities would be empowered to make standards emerge, raise content quality, and facilitate reuse. We envision a future where humans, AIs, and software can seamlessly work together. It is time to break down barriers.

Brought together by this conviction, we (Oswald & Lucas) decided to team up to build it. We’re both law-enthusiast software engineers from different backgrounds. We take the bet that our fresh perspective will help us build paradigm-shifting legal tools. We don’t intend to do this alone, at every step of the development we’re involving partners from the legal community. With our combined expertise and collaborative approach, we are excited to embark on this journey.

In conclusion, the fragmented and cumbersome nature of the current Legal Tech landscape calls for a transformation towards a more interconnected and inclusive platform. We have recognized this gap and have committed ourselves to building a collaborative and inclusive platform. Our aim is to construct a platform that invites participation from all actors within the legal world, intending to eliminate duplications and inefficiencies while increasing the quality of content and facilitating its reuse.

Getting involved

If our vision speaks to you and you’re interested in being one of our first users, we’d love to chat with you. Feel free to:

Supporting us

French Association of In-House Councel (AFJE)

🏆 LexHub received the AFJE award at the Technodroit 2022 Legal Tech projects competition


Lucas David

Lucas David

  • worked as a lead developer for the legal publishing platform Livv
  • graduated from École Polytechnique and holds a PhD in nuclear engineering from Aix-Marseille University
  • loves experimenting and building things
  • enjoys being up a mountain or underwater
Oswald Maskens

Oswald Maskens

  • worked on enterprise-scale financial software at Bloomberg. The platform is used to manage over 17’000 billion USD
  • loves meeting new people and discussing ideas
  • enjoys hosting board game evenings and improvisational theatre